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    Massive Attack making a statement, at their presentation in México City , about the students massacre in Guerrero .October 10th 2014

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    Massive Attack at the Corona Capital music festival in Mexico City this past weekend.

  • jamessharrock:

    Here’s the image I shot of Rober Del Naja from Massive Attack a few months ago for the latest cover of VNA magazine. The idea I had was to recreate the Heligoland album cover as a diaorama type image with Rob in his own artwork. I was trying to achieve a portrait of the artist within a version of his own artwork. I had a great time doing this shoot as it’s always cool to collaborate with people on an idea, especially when it’s with someone as talented as Robert Del Naja. You can buy a copy of the mag here. Copyright:

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    Luis Royo
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    classic 80s styled Luis Royo illustration

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    Luis Royo - Blood Eagle